All children love to play and love to learn, but the children at Penrickton Center need extra help. That’s because they are blind or visually impaired and also have additional disabilities, ranging from cerebral palsy and seizures to hearing loss and development delay.
Lisa and Krista
For these children, even the simplest exploration of the world can seem at first to be an intimidating challenge. At the same time, they do not receive the usual visual stimulation that would prompt most children’s curiosity and would enable them to learn by watching and imitating adults and siblings.

Here at Penricking Center, they learn to play with patient, one-to-one encouragement from our specially trained therapists and child care workers. They discover a world of textures, sounds and shapes. They explore the joys of movement, whether it is crawling, walking or even dancing. They learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings and express their creativity.

As with all children, playing is an important part of learning lessons of life. As the children here open up and reach out more and more, they are taught self-help skills so that they can be more independent. Whether it is drinking from a cup and using utensils or tying shoes and brushing teeth, they love doing things for themselves. And they build confidence in exploring the world around them through outdoor activities and exciting field trips out in the community.

In all these ways, every day at Penrickton Center is a day of playing, learning and creating brighter futures for the blind, multiply disabled children in our care.

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