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Season Finale of Enterprise
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Author:  gem [ Wed May 26, 2004 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Season Finale of Enterprise

Wow! What a cliffhanger. What the hell happened? Archer succeeded in blowing up the super-weapon (but not before blowing up the nasty mouse eating lizard). Trip, T'Pol, and Phlox managed to destroy the main sphere sending the rest into oblivion. It was assumed Archer was lost in the explosion of the super-weapon (but I thought that Shran the Andorian had beamed him aboard his vessel and that Archer would make a warm and fuzzy reunion with his crew while Shran reminded him that he owed him yet another one). Things took a turn for the weird when none of the earth stations could be reached, but who could have expected such an incredible plot twist? A badly burned Archer is unconcious in a nazi field hospital under the watchful gaze of an S.S. lizard. Doesn't a cold-blooded, green, scaly, rodent eater conflict just a wee bit with the nazi doctrine of blonde haired, blue-eyed aryan supremacy? How did he get there? Is he in the past or in an incredibly altered present? What will become of the Federation without Archer who seems to play a pivotal role?
With a cliffhanger like this, the next season of Star Trek Enterprise can't get here soon enough for me. If there are Star Trek fans who still don't like Enterprise or think that it has "jumped the shark", then they obviously are not watching or perhaps they would prefer a suspenseful, thought-provking reality show that probably features live mouse eating.

Author:  GiJenn [ Thu May 27, 2004 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  great fanale

Archer had no intentions of dying on that weapon, maybe Danials clued him in somewhere we didn't get to see.

My bet though is it is an altererd timeline, Lizard man was already in a position of power with the Nazi's. Maybe the destruction of the weapon change the temporal signiture of Earth. The Aquatics dropped off Enterprise without the bennifit of time travel.

They showed the Goldengate which I think was completed in 1937 and the introduction if the P51 Mustang aircraft was in 1940 (the bubble canopy of the p51-D and p51-D\K's werent introduced til later). I am guessing the time to be around 1943 Providing the historacal accuracy of Hollywood!

They were hostale towards Tripps shuttle which leads me to believe they are already concerned about space ships, or lizard ships.

I am with you Gem cant wait till next season!


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